Award Policies and Procedures

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Updated February 2, 2017



It is the policy of the Avondale Homeowners Association to encourage and reward its members who, by extra effort beautify their yards, thereby enhancing the quality of our neighborhood.  The Board of Directors will award, quarterly, a homeowner with our Yard of the Quarter sign and a gift certificate based on the following standards and procedures.  The winning homeowner will be featured in the quarterly newsletter.


In order to qualify for yard of the quarter, the homeowner/yard should meet the following criteria:

  1. Be clean
  2. Be neat
  3. Creative use of land features
  4. Have curb appeal
  5. Promote the use of native vegetation
  6. Good use of color
  7. Landscaping compliments the home
  8. Maintain the yard consistently
  9. Interesting use of yard art or decorations
  10. Holiday decorations may also be considered for the December award


  1. Yard of the quarter will be award in March, June, September and December
  2. The Board will award the yard of the quarter coordinator who may select other volunteers.
  3. The yard of the quarter coordinator will tour the neighborhood and select three yards for consideration.
  4. The yard of the quarter coordinator will email the addresses of the three yards, in rank order 1 to 3,  to the other board members so they might visit the yards.
  5. The yard of the quarter coordinator(s) will present the selections at the next board meeting and the board will vote to determine the yard that will receive the award.  
  6. The yard of the quarter coordinator will retrieve the sign from the current winner and award it to the new winner along with a $50 gift certificate the same week.
  7. The yard of the quarter coordinator will take a picture of the winner and provide it to the newsletter coordinator that same week.
  8. The board will strive to encourage yard beatification by awarding yard of the quarter to homeowners who are not previous winners.

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